2010 Breakaway

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The 2010 challenge, “Breakaway,” (FRC 2010 Game Animation) provided an opportunity for students to investigate several designs in drive, ball possession, and kicking in order to participate in advantageous aspects of the game. The field was divided into three zones … Continued

2009 Lunacy

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The 2009 challenge, “Lunacy,” (FRC 2009 Game Animation) involved familiar ball play as well as introducing helpful camera tracking and a one sixth gravity simulation by using a ‘regolith’ field surface of fiberglass reinforced panels. The target for the balls … Continued


The 2007 Challenge, “Rack ‘N’ Roll,” (2007 FRC Game Animation) began on January 6. The field revolved around the main scoring structure situated in the center of the field. Three rings bearing spokes for scoring hung from chains suspended from … Continued


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2006, “Aim High” (2006 FRC Game Animation), consisted of a rectangular field with three goals at either end – two located at ground level lateral to the high goal centered above the drive teams. Directly underneath the central target was … Continued