2014 Game: Aerial Assist

The objective of Aerial Assist (2014 FRC Game Animation) is to score as many 25-inch balls in goals as possible during a two minute and thirty second match. The game is played by two competing alliances, each alliance composed of three robots. They compete on a flat, 25 x 54-foot field straddled by a truss, a metal beam in the center of the field, just over six feet above the ground. When alliance partners work together to score goals, additional points are awarded to the teams. The match begins with aAerial_Assist_Logo 10-second autonomous period when robots operate using pre-programmed instructions without driver control. Additionally, both the high and low goals on a select corner of the field are randomly designated “hot” for five seconds. For each ball scored in a “hot” goal during autonomous, the alliance earns bonus points. The drive teams remotely control robots from behind a protective wall for the remaining two-minute- and-twenty-second tele-op period.

After all the balls originally given to each alliance in autonomous are scored (0-3), one new ball is placed onto the field. Once this ball is scored, the alliance will be given another.
Points are gained by throwing over the truss, catching, and scoring balls in the high and low goals. Alliances receive large bonuses for “assists,” which are awarded every time a different robot takes control of the ball in its own zone. Stressing the application of Coopertition® and teamwork, Aerial Assist promises an exhilarating FRC season.