2014 Offseason

Over the summer of 2014, team 1519 was asked to beta test the new 2015 control system. Being one out of 200 Beta testing teams chosen by FIRST, Mechanical Mayhem was honoured
to be the only New Hampshire team chosen for this responsibility. 1519 was also given the opportunity to demonstrate the Beta test robot at off season tournaments River Rage and Battle of the Bay. Also, from June 13th to 15th, members of the team volunteered at the Rock’n Ribfest in Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack, NH. They helped with cleaning and assisted as waiters and waitresses during the event. They also had the robot of 2014 on display, and ran a demonstration with the 2012 robot.

Later in the offseason, Mechanical Mayhem was invited to present their robot at the PTC Live Global event onJune 15th through the 17th in Boston, MA. Throughout the event, the team gave PTC’s customers an opportunity to drive both the 2012 and 2014 robots and learn about FIRST and the MAYHEM organization. On the second day, our team competed in a mock competition with the other participating teams to demonstrate what an FRC tournament
looks like. A few weeks later on Thursday, August 7th, 1519 went to a golf event also hosted by PTC as well as The New England Golf Charity Classic. A portion of the proceeds were donated to FIRST. The four team members who attended the event had the privilege to meet with potential sponsors and speak with the president of FIRST, Donald Bossi. At the event, 1519 was asked by Sheila Rogers from PTC to host a table in the tent, displaying what FIRST is all about, sharing it’s ideals and displaying our 2014 robot.