2013 Granite State Regional

On the first day of March, team 1519, Mechanical Mayhem gathered at the Verizon Center along with fifty-three other FIRST® Robotics high school teams to compete in the Granite State Regional. Our robot is fondly named “Discobolus Rex.”
Its name combines the image of the famous Greek sculpture of a disc thrower with its dinosaur-like arms. Towering over the rest of the robots on the field, Discobolus Rex reaches 60 inches tall, focusing on full court shooting from the feeder slots. The robot’s complex climbing system allows it to ascend the pyramid in a 30-point climb.

At GSR, our robot ranked seventh out of the fifty-four teams present. In alliance selections on March 2, we were picked by the Green Team (885) from Vermont. They were one of the few robots that were capable of harvesting Frisbees off of the floor. Together with B.E.R.T. (133), from Maine, our alliance fought strong in the quarter finals, nonetheless, was eliminated in the semi finals by the number one ranked alliance, led by The Coyotes (610), from Canada.

At the award ceremony, both of our Dean’s List Nominees were chosen as Dean’s List Award Finalists. Both Aaron P. and Jackson V. are homeschooled juniors with unique leadership skills that contribute tremendously to our team’s success.